Like to quickly integrate the ready-to-use video streaming functions into your App or smart devices? iChano Corp. provides real time video streaming SDK API for app developers and smart device manufactures.

Why Use Our SDK?

1. The software SDK can run on 6 platforms: Windows, Mac OSX, Android, iOS, embedded Linux on ARM, embedded Linux on MIPS.

2. We provide a turn-key solution, a complete end-to-end service from video capturing/encoding, to streaming on the Internet, and decoding/display/control on the client side.

3. Serving more than 3 millions users around the world, iChano SDK is built on a mature video streaming platform that you can rely on.

4. Save your time to market for your App or device with simple calls to iChano SDK, instead of developing all the necessary modules from scratch;

5. With the help of iChano SDK, you also avoid the development risk compared to research in house, re-invent the wheels.

6. We have deployed servers worldwide for the best of connections; Using our SDK, you can reduce the cost to deploy servers and monitor the them 24x7 yourself.

7. To help to serve your customers better, we also provide many add-on services, like cloud storage, smart motion detections, push notification, two-way audio/video communications, video analysis, time elapse recording etc.

8. Proved solution! We have already integrated our SDK with many devices like IP camera, Set-Top-Box, home robot, remote controlled flying drones, 3G/4G camera on vehicles, wireless video doorbell etc.

Services we can provide:

1. Customization and Integration with your software/hardware;

2. Re-branding and OEM;

3. New feature development;

Process to follow:

1. Fill in the form below, provide us your requirement;

2. We will contact you and we can exchange more detailed information;

3. Sign agreement;

4. We will provide SDK or App, and technical support until finish the project.